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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 20, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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with how much we can expect. >> we're sticking to 4 to 6 inches, a general blanket snowfall across the entire metro area. there will be some pockets maybe a bit more. let's start with the winter storm warning. everybody from the mountains through the metro area and even our friends in southern maryland, calvert county, st. mary's county across the bay into the delmarva, everybody under a winter storm warning. time 7 a.m. tomorrow through afternoon p.m. tomorrow night. the storm winds itself down quickly tomorrow evening. it's a pure snow event for the entire area, a dry fluffy snow, bad for snowballs, good for sledding. in the morning the commute should be okay, less than an inch of light snow, but the afternoon commute slippery, roads becoming snow covered. we'll have a little burst in the afternoon. it will look impressive and blow and drift. try and stay off the roads between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. so again a general 4 to 6-inch band across the entire metro area by tomorrow evening, perhaps more in the mountains,
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6 to 8 inches. we'll come back, talk about what waits behind this storm system and if there's another clipper on the map. over in the district the snow prep team got busy as well. crews applied a brine solution. more than 200 plows are expected to hit the streets by 8 a.m., crews working 12 hour shifts and once the snow begins to fall crews will start by salting before bringing out the plows. northern virginia's roads and highways have also been pretreated. article ton, fairfax, loudoun and -- arlington, fairfax, loudoun and prince william counties were treated. tuesday is virginia's state senate elections. voters in district 33 get to the polls early. snow crews will pay attention to roads near polling places. after 2 or more inches of snow on the ground visit
7:02 pm to get updates of snowplows in your neighborhood. we're learning more about one of the women charged with murdering two of her children in what she calls an attempted exorcism. >> zakeiya avery and monifa sanford both face first degree murder charges. avery struggles with mental illness and had some child support issues and practiced some really bizarre beliefs. >> reporter: 28-year-old zakeiya avery, mother of four with photos of her and her children posted to facebook like millions of other moms, but avery's facebook contained rambling religious posts. this world is owned by satan. why would we think anything good would come from it she wrote and you want to continue to call me brain washed, programmed. it was this hagerstown church in 2011 where avery turned for help with food, clothing and rent. >> kieya loved those kids. >> reporter: pastor dan thornton saying church members assisted avery with making
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mental health counseling appointments. the children were well loved and cared for and there were no teachings here about exorcism, no signs avery held any such ideas thornton said. court records indicate avery was embroiled in child support battles with her children's father. last year she accused him of false imprisonment and assault but he was found not guilty. avery's facebook profile claims she once worked as a pharmacy technician, graduated high school in pocono summit, pennsylvania, and traces roots to new jersey and trinidad tobago. she's accused of murdering her two youngest children ages 1 and 2 and seriously injuring her 5 and 8-year-old in what she told police was an exorcism. a woman sharing the home, 20- year-old monifa sanford, is also charged. the relationship between the two women is unclear. a makeshift memorial sits on the steps of the home as strangers like kathy missile feel compelled to light candles. >> involve yourself with people that are struggling. support them however you can.
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>> we have to help each other, especially when there's children involved. >> reporter: according to police, the two women were involved with another local church called exusia ministries. the pastor there is declining to talk to reporters. scott broom, wusa9. letter carriers in the d.c. region are making a special delivery. they are delivering a message they don't want to work at night. they say the streets are just too dangerous in the dark. >> we demand that letter carriers hours be adjusted to eight hours. we demand that the letter carriers be brought in earlier. >> a short time ago the group rallied at the martin luther king, jr. memorial, then marched to the postal service at l'enfant plaza. tonight's march comes just weeks after letter carrier tyson barnett was shot to death while delivering mail in the dark in prince george's county. virginia residents are headed to the polls tomorrow to
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decide who will replace mark herring in the district's 33 state senate seat. democrat jennifer wexton, republican john whittbeck and independent joe may are all on the ballot. polling stations will be open even if schools are closed because of snow. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in sterling where three different campaigns are working hard to get out the vote in a very important special election tomorrow. >> let's go, joe! >> reporter: it's anybody's guess who wins this three-way horse race tomorrow which will determine the balance of power in the virginia senate. former prosecutor jennifer wexton is the democrat running with massive party support. >> it would mean that we would get finally away from the divisive extreme social agenda that's been pushed in richmond the past few years. >> reporter: tone john writbeck is the republican -- whittbeck is the republican candidate and he said one of the issues in the race is the rising tolls on the greenway. >> it dumps traffic on other roads in the district because people can't afford to drive on
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the toll road. >> reporter: he's joined a legal challenge against the greenway, but the independent joe may is working on a plan already for the state to buy it. >> they'd want to buy it because it will stablize the operation of the greenway and it will best of all protect our citizens from the escalating tolls that are going to continue about we don't do something about it. >> reporter: -- continue if we don't do something about it. >> reporter: in sterling, peggy fox, wusa9. a drive-by shooting left four people wounded early this morning. jeremiah pullen was kicked out of 90 degrees in manassas by security. he got in his car, got his gun and shot at the bar. he's in jail without bond and faces up to 10 charges. all four victims are expected to survive. across the nation today people remembered dr. martin luther king, jr., but it kicked off here in d.c. this morning during a wreath laying ceremony at the memorial to dr. king. d.c. mayor vincent gray joined
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the men's choir from people's community baptist church for the ceremony. ill a special day for -- a special day for some students celebrating martin luther king, jr. >> listen into the washington wizards discussion about king's life and dream. >> reporter: south lake high school basketball players imani holland and paige barlow are good friends. >> we're buddies for life. >> reporter: as the two prepared for a panel discussion about martin luther king, jr.'s dream, people flocked to his memorial reading his words, studying his face, hoping his dream for equality was more of a reality. for paige and amani it is. >> without him we would be like still segregated. since we live in such a diverse like community now, it wouldn't be like that today. >> they didn't want people to be like interracial and so that's surprising like today that would never be acceptable in our like communities.
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>> reporter: and sitting on the panel in front of these student athletes were people of different races and backgrounds sharing their dreams including washington wizard al harrington. >> my dream as a youngster was one to a,make my mother proud, make sure i got a good education so i would be in a position to take care of my family and it just so happened basketball fell in my lap and i ended up being pretty good at it. >> reporter: students agree sports is a place where blacks and whites can be together as martin luther king envisioned. >> what he was about was unity and fairness across the board for everybody. >> though he wasn't able to see the promised land that he dreamed of he was able to influence others into believing in that dream. >> reporter: it's a dream these students say is as relevant today as ever. at verizon center, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> that's good stuff. the we are dreamers discussion was hosted by former terp
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christy winters scott. salt trucks rolling out soon, mola lenghi in laurel, right? >> mola is in laurel right now. the big story now, what's the game plan with all these salt trucks? >> reporter: guys, crews around d.c., maryland, virginia spent the day pretreating major roadways like 495 here, 95, 66, all the major roadways you'd expect applying salt, evans bra and other anti-icing agents through the -- brine and other anti-icing agents throughout the day. by 4 a.m. tomorrow more than 4,000 pieces of equipment will report to plow and treat roads. that's in northern virginia alone. maryland has about 2,400 personnel ready to be deployed throughout the day tomorrow. plows loaded with salt and sand will be deployed throughout tomorrow to address problem spots. what's the biggest challenge when you've got a day like tomorrow coming up? >> certainly it's a mix of
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traffic and also snow. we're expecting snow to fall rammedly probably an inch or 2 per hour -- rapidly probably an inch or 2 per hour, but that depends on the winds. we ask for the traveling public to give us room to work. >> reporter: obviously it will be a very active day for crews around d.c., maryland and virginia tomorrow of the drivers can help themselves by taking extra time -- tomorrow. drivers can help themselves by taking extra time to get to your destination and be cautious while you're driving. mola lenghi for wusa9. >> we'll check in with you tonight at 11:00 and get an update. in the meantime u.s. warning americans heading to the winter olympics in russia to be cautious. we'll tell you about threats from a terrorist group. >> reporter: 50 years ago the beatles played one of their first u.s. concerts right here in the old d.c. coliseum. it changed the world. i'm bruce leshan,
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that makes you small business ready. a another by an intruderht by the reservoir... who forced his way in through her bedroom window... and for so many, traumatized again by facing the criminal in court. i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor i put violent offenders in prison. in the virginia senate, i'll fight just as hard against tea party republicans who would take away a woman's healthcare and her right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest. on election day, help me stand up for her.
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u.s. officials are warning americans traveling to the sochi olympic games to stay vigilant. the warning follows threats from an islamic militant group in southern russia. the group says they'll have a present for those attending the olympics. they've already claimed responsibility for killing 34 people in recent bombings. russia has reportedly spent around $50 billion on security. switching gears now we'll go on board the way back machine, folks, because it was 50 years ago today that the beatles' first american album actually hit the shelves. >> then it was on to ed sullivan, carnegie hall and february 11th right here at the d.c. call seem bruce leshan reports for people who -- coliseum bruce leshan reports for people who were there it's still unforgettable. >> reporter: by the time the beatles hit d.c. they were already at the top of the
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charts and well on their way to becoming the biggest rock and roll band ever. february 11th, 1964, a sellout show with the d.c. coliseum, their second concert in the u.s. >> this song is called i saw her standing there. >> reporter: 16-year-old bill wax of bethesda. >> and that is me. >> reporter: had somehow wrangled a ticket. >> it was packed. ♪ i saw her standing there ♪ >> it was set up as a boxing ring and they were sort of in the middle of it. so every two or three songs george and those guys would have to move their microphones slightly. i could barely hear anything. it was just a bunch of people screaming. >> reporter: really? >> if i remember right, i was somewhat angry that i just couldn't hear the music. >> reporter: but for a country still grieving the
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assassination of jfk a few months earlier it was a joyful noise and for so many who were there it changed the course of their lives. >> the whole industry changes with these four little guys from england that show up. people start writing their own tunes. they start playing their own instruments. i think that was part of the reason why so many kids as soon as the beatles broke immediately went out and started buying guitars and learning to play. >> we'd like to thank everybody here in america, washington. >> reporter: 50 years later the d.c. coliseum is on the national register of historic places. they've demolished almost all of the stands and they're using it as a parking garage. the music biz has changed and so has the world. >> there are only three or four television channels. >> reporter: itunes, pandora, the internet have so fragmented the audience we may never have
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another shared national moment like the beatles on ed sullivan, but bill wax had a whole career as a dj and says music will always move us. >> it's like having a photograph album in your head. >> reporter: bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the two surviving beatles ringo starr and paul mccartney are performing at the grammys sunday night here on wusa9. they are listed as performing separately, but let's hope for a big surprise. topper, what's the latest on that weather? >> temps are falling now. 59 was the high. everybody is in the 40s, 41 gaithersburg, 43 leesburg, 30 anyone already in winchester. we'll come back, winter storm warning, red alert,
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topper is a busy man tonight, my goodness. >> we're talking four wheel drive snow where we can really drop it into low gear. most of us will be able to get by with front wheel drive. it's going to be a very light fluffy dry snow, pretty easy to drive on, but i would like you off the roads between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 59 the high, down to 49, relative humidity dropping, colder and drier air moving in on those north, northwest winds, 18 miles an
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hour. the bread-o-meter, scale 1 to 10, 10 being the great storms, run for your lives like 2010 or 2003 or january, 1996, legitimate storm around a 5 or 6, nuisance storm a 1. this is probably a 5, maybe a little higher. we'll have new information at 11:00 and kind of recalibrate the bread-o-meter. here's the storm now. it does not look particularly impressive. yeah, it's got light snow through much of iowa, northern illinois back into chicago, but it's going to dive further south and tap a little moisture off the atlantic ocean. this is the track of the storm. before all the clippers have been going to our north. this will dive south, get to a pretty good spot off the cape hatteras. that's a good spot if you want snow in the metro area. instead of going up the coast and really hammering it, it's going out to sea, but there will be enough moisture and upper air support to squeeze
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out 4 to 6 inches across the board. 42 now in white oak, 44 arlington, 42 in reston, 47 in waldorf. red alert tomorrow for the snow and cold. light snow in the morning, probably an inch or less before noon. heaviest snow 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. we'll have a burst. it's going to be blowing around reducing visibility. by evening wind chills will be in the single digits. temperatures will fall to the teens. how much snow? we're liking this now. i think it's a little low back toward oakland and cumberland, but generally 4, 5, 6 inches. some spots could get 7. we'll see where the heavier bands set up. even you folks in southern maryland are looking at 4 inches. tonight mostly cloudy, breezy, turning colder, light snow or flurries by dawn, lows 25 to 30. you can do stuff tonight if you want to go out and buy some bread. as i said many years ago, you're better off buying a roast, something you can eat for several days. 29 at 11:00 and 27 at 1 p.m.
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it starts to get heavier and steadier by 1 p.m. in the wake of the clippers, this will usher in arctic air. 17 a high wednesday, 16 thursday, maybe a snow shower as well. next seven days friday we're in the teens. we should make it to freezing on saturday, then in the wake of another clipper which will pass to our north temperatures falling back to the 20s for highs and maybe a snow shower sunday night late. i'm concerned about the snow, but it's not a mix, not ice, fluffy and i'm also concerned about the cold air behind it. >> that's not looking good. 1 to 7 p.m. tomorrow are the crucial times. you want people off the road then? >> i'd like that. it would be safe. >> i carry a set of chains to pull people out of ditches because i do have four wheel drive. >> you know how to work that? >> i can drive anything. >> we'll be back after this.
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that is all for our news at 7:00. we'll be with you throughout the night and more at 11:00 on the snowstorm headed our way. top's on top of it. have a good night, everybody!
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i'm nancy o'dell with a real wolf of wall street's first interview since the movie came out. >> i'm rob marciano. that is a big get, nancy, and we have a big show tonight starting with the sag awards. brad, san odra,prah at the sag awards! >> fans blowing through a barricade to get to julia. yikes! >> bradley with his 22-year-old girlfriend. j. law towering over rocsi. >> can you get her an apple box so i don't look like a giant. >> all of the uncensored "e.t." moments. >> i just dropped my pasty. >> oops! we have wardrobe malfunction. >> i need help! help! >> i saved nancy. >> plus, you know, we're talking fashion. "elle's" joe zee bickering with
7:30 pm
his "e.t." wifey. >> drug, prostitutes, yachts. ntwe iroduce you to the real wolf of wall street. >> you turned down all interviews until now. why did you agree to talk to "entertainment tonight." >> my special interview with the former crook behind leo's oscar-nominated role. >> the bachelor's juan pablo is in trouble today for calling homosexuals perverts. he said he got lost in translation, but how do you say rvert in spanish? >> perverso. >> and move over kardashian. meet tv's new feuding family, the wahlbergs. see the new reality show here first. >> i get no attention anymore. >> now "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> julia roberts sets off a mini stampede that sends fans crashing to the ground. >> hi, everyone. welcome to "entertainment tonight." >> rob, i saw the video, and it looked like it could have been a very bad situation. >> it was a scary sight. rocsi diaz was there and so


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